Thursday, 30 July 2015

Lakeland Exped

No pictures I am afraid but had an eventful weekend in the lakes on our annual Silver & Gold Practice Expedition.  It’s a nice route that on day one took us up Mosedale to camp not far from the summit of Esk Pike.  The second day saw us summit Esk Pike, Great End, Scafell Pike and Scafell and descend to the scenic Sampson Stones for camp.  On the last day we hopped over the pass back into Mosedale and should have been down by 10am, but a diabetic cadet went down with a serious case of hypoglycaemia.  I saw my group safely into the valley and returned to the incident, via the campsite as I somehow missed them – I effectively did the route three times!  We managed to get her down safely but consuming the sugar needed to get her off the hill and stave off hypoglycaemia saw them swing the other way into hyperglycaemia which required an ambulance to be called from the motorway.  I am glad to say all is now well and although we took the right course of action on the hill, there are still some learning points for all of us.

In previous years I have carried a combination of; climbing kit and climbed in the evenings, running kit, a full head of broccoli etc for gourmet cooking, and a whisky tasting set including galsses.  Fun though all those things are, it was very nice just to carry the essentials (actually Jack carried the tent and cooker), especially with my ever decreasing fitness.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Southwold Again

Just back from a long weekend to Southwold, only two weeks after the last.  Adnams once again trumped whisky, and much was consumed.

Another big thanks to Jim for his hospitality!

Monday, 29 June 2015

Nick, The Painting

We found Holly's GCSE art work, featuring this masterpiece:

That is two modelling jobs I have had!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Return to Southwold

A big thanks to James for letting us use Puffin Cottage again this year for the family hols.  I must admit, I am growing rather fond of Southwold. And Adnams beer.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Nick is a climber!

Except, he's not really.  I have climbed three routes within two months, unfortunately two of them were the same (for logistical simplicity).  The Cracks at a mere HS 5a was hard, and damp, and Oxine at VS was once again steady, but should be with the second ascent this year.  Not exactly a stellar performance.

We did have our own personal photographer this time though, so here are some of Big Jim's (as to differentiate from JfW) snaps.  Thanks Jim.

Mike 'I prefer rambling' Cross

Friday, 22 May 2015

Dirty Weekend and Bellatrix Laspeed

A couple of weekends ago Lee, James and I did the Rat Race Dirty Weekend – a 20 mile, 200 obstacle, race.  It was okay.  The river sections were really fun (apart from for James who lost his specs and then got hypothermia, we put it down as a bad day at the office) but some obstacles had a lot of queuing and there were quite a few using alu scaffolding which wasn’t hard, just uncomfortable.  The final big ‘team’ walls were a comical mess of poor technique.   It wasn’t that hard, yet it was also quite draining.  We finished in about six and a half hours, which put us exactly mid-table (across all categories) but we stopped for a pretty long time in the middle.

James’ experience has made me wonder of the worth of such long events – normally I am ‘hardest, longest, toughest’ but running long distance requires a slow pace which seems at odds to the gun-ho obstacles.  So, after I complained about the events safety processes (James really was that cold!) and received a hefty discount, Lee and I have entered the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest in November, which is a measly 10k, but should allow us to blast it (we even paid the £5 extra to start in the first wave).

In other news, Felicity is dead.  Our beloved Fabia vRS has been part exchanged for a smart new car after we decided the broken power steering was too much and too expensive to warrant repairing.  And what a new car it is!  Say hello to Bellatrix Laspeed; an Octavia Estate vRS Blackline Edition.  She is a DSG automatic (flappy paddles!) and I must say, I am an immediate convert.  She is also reasonably rapid.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Is it possible to be more middle-class?

I sit typing this while working from home on the laptop with the back doors wide open, eating goats cheese on artisan bread while the workmen fix the Smeg dishwasher whilst drinking Nespressos.